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Give your business the gift of clarity to better engage staff, customers and investors. GMC works with complex businesses, helping them find clarity in their business strategy, messages and execution - enabling powerful results.

Unlike other training workshops, we deliver stuff in your language, affordable and relevant to your "cash & time poor" world.

 "Mark is one of the best business trainers I have come across, his pragmatic approach and passionate style gets results our readers love him. They go away inspired and armed with new ways to improve their business"
Julie Gill GM Business Media Fairfax, Unlimited Magazine

"It's a harsh reality check that's brutal, but uplifting and utterly necessary. Mark runs you through it with passion and insight. Highly recommended." - Ollie Langridge Netfilms Ltd

Business Planning for Growth - One on One Workshop

The Business Planning for Growth Workshop is the most popular way to engage the GMC team in tailoured business planning work and follow on coaching.

This workshop qualifies for use with NZTE business capability development vouchers, personalised to your specific needs.

Power Pitching Workshop

MarksPower Pitching Workshop is legendary. Readt more about our Succinct Stories approach

Watch one of our video files for a taste of our pragmatic, paced and passionate style

We promise no case studies or boring theories just tools and tips that you can begin implementing in your business.