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GMC Video Gallery

See some of our videos belows or check out our more on our Youtube Channel here.

Get your Pitch Right - Succinct Stories  - 1 Bright Ideas Pitching Seminar Wellington
> Watch the seminar movie 28:00

Business Models - 2 Bright Ideas Wellington
Watch the Seminar 34:33

Value Propositions - 3 Bright Ideas Seminar Wellington
> Watch the seminar  24:26

Succinct Stories Tip #1 Sound Bites - improve your elevator pitching

> Watch the video 2:25

Business Model Canvas introduction
> Watch the video 2:20

Start with Why    - Mark's blog post about the book
> Watch the video 18:35


Pinks - Drive
> Watch the video 10:48
Business Dominoes - Investment Ready Programme
Listen to what Glenn Edley - Spike Mail
got from the programme

>Watch the video  00:58

Business Dominoes - Investment Ready Programme
Listen to what Tom Gardiner - Fulcrum
got from the programme

>Watch the video  00:52

Choosing the right help"If we didn't get Mark on board we would probably have a quarter of the revenue we have today"

> Watch the video 6:25

Hear how they rate Mark Robotham as a trainer & public speaker

> Watch the movie 0:42


Blair Stewart comments on the value Digital Island communications gained from Power Pitching workshop

> Watch the video  1:00

Hear the tips that Rod Claycomb (CEO Quantec) learnt about pitching at a Succint Story Workshop

> Watch the video 2:09

Great example pitch by "Southern Lights" after attending workshop on developing investment pitches delivered by Mark Robotham

>Watch the video 3:39

Happy clients

> Watch the video 1:02

Passionate clients - Estatic

> Watch the video 1:05

Infego - NZTE Escalator Investment case study

> Watch the video 2:00

Pocket Vouchers Succinct Story

> Watch the video 1:59

Pocket Vouchers - Coments on pitching workshops

> Watch the video  0:21

Dave Whitehead comments on GMC workshop - "NZTE Escalator - Essential Guide To Raising Capital"

> Watch the video  0:32

Run The Red - NZTE Escalator case study

> Watch the video

Scitox raises capital using NZTE Escalator

> Watch the video

 Mark comments on investible companies

> Watch the video  0:56

How not to pitch

> Watch the video 2:51


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“It's a harsh reality check that's brutal, ...

Ollie Langridge
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