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Does anyone have any experience with offshore contract agile software developers?
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Great leaders may describe themselves as business owners or managing directors, but they are not.

In truth, they are great visionaries and storytellers.

And great storytelling at its heart is clear and succinct.

That's where we come in. We are a mirror and a guide that helps leaders distill complex ideas into simple powerful futures.

But more than that, we make sure your stories, elevator pitches and visions for the future are backed with solid, sensible business decisions.

Our clients enjoy accelerated growth with minimal frustration.

Contact us to discuss our two areas of expertise: creating succinct stories and business guidance for outstanding growth.



"If we didn't get Mark on board, we would probably only have a quarter of the revenue we have today"
John Moore Experience
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Give your business the gift of clarity to better engage staff, customers and investors.


GMC works with complex businesses, helping them find clarity in their business strategy, messages and execution - enabling powerful results.


"Mark has great talent of simplifying the complex. After months of going in circles, we couldn't put our finger on what was missing to simplify our business, one day with mark and he nailed it" - Jamie O’Odonnell  youpick.co.nz


 "Exhausting and inspirational in the same moment… this is gold. Mark has transformed my business from a cool product, into a focused business with a clear plan. The ability to get clarity out of the chaos for my new venture is invaluable, the investment to work with GMC paid for itself 10 times over in saved time." - Ratchel Hatch – Founder Mexis – Virtual Reality Devices 

Social Media - For Your Business?

Read Marks take on Social Media, in his blog posts ... 

"Social Media in business, is a new way of leading and managing a company, a new culture of total customer engagement"

"Mark has great talent of simplifying the comple...

Jamie O