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You get one chance to make a first impression,
make it count.

Technology companies suck at telling their own story.

How succinct and engaging is your pitch?

Before you create your next website, marketing material, elevator sales or investment pitch call us. 

Succinct message architects:

We boil down your business to the stuff that really matters and work with you to create: elevator pitches that sing, visions for the future that inspire and business stories that create word of mouth phenomena.

A clear and succinct business strategy will engage your stakeholders and radically improve your chance of success.

We understand technology and business and excel at engaging non-technical audiences, including attention deficit funders, so they get what you do and why they should buy or invest.

  In less than a day Mark helped us construct a simple description for our complex business, where others had tried and failed.


Mark has a great talent transforming complex technology business descriptions into simple messages wider audiences can engage with.   Unlike other communications consultants, Mark understands technology.

As result of working with Mark  - We not only have a better pitch, but we also have greater clarity and focus in our business" 

"Thanks to Mark, our last business audience thanked us for not being overly technical.

Sean Wilson - CEO - SYL Research


Maximise your marketing dollar

Get business results, as well as pretty websites and great prose from your choosen creative company, by engaging us to help you create a brief that truly captures  your value proposition.

Our strength is holding up the proverbial mirror and reflecting back to you the bits that investors, customers and great staff will want to know about.

A great business plan is the key to investor interest, right?  Well, no, it's only half the story...

Investors, good ones, (or customers and staff for that matter) expect more than a top notch business plan and a great product or service. They want to be inspired. And now more than ever you have to do that FAST.

Our strength is holding up the proverbial mirror and reflecting back to you the bits that investors, customers and great staff will want to know about.

Get an elevator pitch that creates interest and wins sales?

"I secured initial interest for my first round of investors based on the one opening sentence I got from Mark's workshop, not my business plan. I would recommend to any technology company, to work with Mark to establish their Succinct Story."

Geoff Todd, CEO Trinity (Biotech Company)

Our Services

  • Pitch Development - Product or Investment
  • Pre pitch coaching
  • Development workshops
    Mark's Power Pitching Workshop
  • Extracting and communicating succinct business strategy from owners and management team
  • Value Proposition development
  • Business speaking coaching

Get Your
Pitch Sorted

Watch Mark in action
 28 min seminar

Contact GMC

Contact us here to find out how we can help your business achieve success.

Read more about how to create effective pitches here ...





"Mark is one of the best business trainers I hav...

Julie Gill
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