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The GMC team believe in being conduits of knowledge. We add value to our clients through this conduit and how we implement the knowledge inside their organsiations.

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23/03/2015Kiwinet - Commercialisation Fundamentals - NEW
23/03/2015Top Tips for Businesses - Blog Reprints V2.50 - NEW
1/05/2013Business Plan template - for Business Planning workshop
23/07/2012Unlimited Investment Challenge 2012 Workshop
30/01/2012Tips on Creating Succinct Stories
09/10/2012GMC Business Model Canvas V2  (pdf template)
30/01/2012Milestone Map-Plan - Business Plan Summary
30/01/2012Template Milestone Map (xcel template file)
10/08/201190 Sec Elevator Pitch Guide
1/6/2011GMC Guide to NO chart - Must read
13/3/2011Newsletter #1 - 8 tips for growing business  
4/10/2010Creating powerful pitches -Succinct Stories - SPARK handout
18/09/2010Communicating your strategy
13/3/2010Financing - Commercialising ideas article - April 2010
12/9/2010Creating Hi Growth Ventures - ppt
31/3/2010Tips for Creating Elevator Pitches
8/9/2010Creating Elevator Pitches - ppt  (HB expo)
8/9/2010Investment Ready Companies - ppt  (HB expo)
1/10/2007The Now Strategy Overview Chart
25/3/2008The Now Strategy- Part I - In Business Article July 2008
26/8/2008The Now Strategy - Part II - In Business Article Aug 2008
22/10/2008The Now Strategy - Part III - In Business Article Nov 2008
23/10/2007Getting your investor pitch right - Bright Dec 2007
23/10/2007Navigating early stage investment - Start up Dec 2007
14/8/20087 Investor turnoffs - Start-up Article July 2008
15/05/2009Take a hard look - Article In Business April 2009
26/05/2011Inspired Growth - 90Min  intro into managing growth
01/08/2009Creating Succinct Stories Quicktips - ppt July 09
1/10/2007Workshop Feedback form
1/10/2007Job Description template
24/10/2007Example basic P&L- acme budget




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