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Growth Management Consulting (GMC) prides itself in value delivered to its clients. GMC works with owners and executives of high growth potential businesses on retained service contracts to help them achieve their next business goal. The GMC team are happy for you to contact our current or previous clients to hear first hand how they found working with us.

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What GMC Clients Say...

"Mark has great talent of simplifying the complex. After months of going in circles, we couldn't put our finger on what was missing to simplify our business, one day with mark and he nailed it". 

Jamie O’Odonnell


Typical comments from attendee’s at a GMC workshop:

"Exhausting and inspirational in the same moment… this is gold. Mark and Activate have transformed my business from a cool product, into a focused business with a clear strategy to market. The ability to get clarity out of the chaos for my new venture is invaluable, the investment to participate paid for itself 10 times over in saved time. 

Rachel Hatch – Founder Mexis – Virtual Reality Devices

Relevant and to the point… with immediate and significant impact on my business.
It has paid for itself in the smart decisions I have made since. The Activate weekend is different to all other business workshops I have been to, no hypothetical cases leaving you to interpret and apply to your business.

It was amazing what we all learnt from analysing each other’s business; I left having made some fundamental shifts in my business strategy. The post weekend mentoring has been invaluable in accelerating the journey of my business.

John Matsis – Founder Tonic Foodgroup Ltd

“It's a harsh reality check that's brutal, but uplifting and utterly necessary. Mark runs you through it with passion and insight. Highly recommended.”

Ollie Langridge – Netfilms Ltd

"This will make me get out of my comfort zone and put my "dream" into action"

CEO Traverse Developments


"Brutal and inspiring… don’t start a new venture without attending Activate. It begins with a startup bootcamp weekend that exposes and plugs any gaps in your business model. Mark has a great way of saying what needs to be said - even it’s not what we want to hear - and making us feel good about it.

We are operating at warp speed as a result of attending Activate The follow up support has been key in keeping me on track and focused on getting the important high value stuff done. I recommend any business owner, new or nearly new, attend this practical programme."

Judith Eastgate – Founder, Perfect Accent

Clarity and Purpose For Greater Profitability

"After pitching my business at an investor event in Las Vegas, the investor audience commented on the high quality of my format, style and message. I was amazed that I managed to stand out above other international companies. If it had not been for Mark’s effective training and coaching I would have been like the masses.”

- Rod Claycomb, CEO |

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Clarity and Purpose For Greater Profitability

"As a result of Marks involvement with e-Spatial over a 2 year period we have been able to mature our decision making process and improve operational efficiency and improve profitability. His insight and knowledge have challenged and developed our management team into a more functional unit."

- Simon Jellie, CEO |


Motivated, Deliberate Decision Making At Pace

“Mark has the “magic” which is the essence of our brand. His ability to challenge and push us along has enabled us to maximise our growth opportunity. His down to earth approach to business decision making has helped us gain clarity around important decisions. GMC have speed up our decision making as well as giving us peace of mind we have fully debated major issues.”

- John Moore and Miriame Barbarich, Directors |


Good to Great – Navigating the Road Ahead

“Our business is growing at pace: 3 years and 600,000 customers. Marks knowledge and experience helped me see what was around the next corner, just before I needed it. His experience with growing companies has been invaluable in building a great foundation for our business.”

- Cameron Mehlhopt, CEO |



Better Decisions When Tested

“Having a effective sounding board and to have my ideas challenged has given clarity and depth to decision making”

- Ruth Bruce, CEO |


Change Agent

"Mark's outside perspective and knowledge combined with his empathy for our core values has enabled us to implement some radical change to the way we work as a management team and a company. As a result of the work with GMC we are better positioned for growth and greater profitability."

- Pieter Smuts Kennedy, CEO |

Results From Business Coaching

“After three months Coaching with Mark, I managed to double my sales, exceeding my own sales target. I would recommend coaching to anyone looking to achieve but not knowing how to start. I originally thought that my target was too high, but now I am considering raising it higher! The changes that have been brought about in the last three months are greater than what I expected.”

- Linda Pollard, Account Manager

"If you have the mind set to improve and make positive change, I can recommend you use Mark as a Coach. The motivation and direction that he provides has improved my performance.I find he is very perceptive to the things that I need to work on, things that I can and cannot do, and things that I won't do, but maybe need to ! As a result off his coaching I am now achieving things that I was not before”.

- John Andrews, Property Consultant

"I couldn't have become a Telecom Super Achiever without Mark's help. Mark's support, encouragement and coaching over a 12 month period helped me make a radical change in my management style".

- Julie Macleay, Account Manager

"Mark's relaxed, approachable and friendly style put me at ease right away and facilitated communication of some difficult messages. His advice was always appropriate and useful. Circumstances demanded that Mark act as counsellor rather than coach at times - which he did effectively and with diplomacy."

- Chris Barnes, Contracts Manager, Dec 2005

"I would recommend Mark's coaching to anyone looking at developing new management communication styles. Thanks to Mark I have now added a new communication style to complement my natural "tough line" approach I used to rely on to get results. Mark has helped me better equip myself to deal with my team in a way that is co-operative and helpful that delivers better results. With Mark's coaching my team, and my boss, very quickly noticed the positive change in my attitude and approach. One conflict situation existed due to a clash of personalities. Through coaching I have been able to recognise the behaviour that threatened the staff member and have been able to adopt a new approach in relating to that person in a non threatening manner. The result in the workplace is a happier and more productive team member and a less stressed Manager."

- Alison Haines, Manager Financial Accounting, Jan 312006

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